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4 Easy Methods to Freeze Baby Food – No More Hassle

Cooking for your baby can be a great fun activity. Well, knowing about how to freeze the baby food makes it possible to prepare and store entire batches of homemade food for your baby. This is a real boon for busy parents. There are numerous methods to freeze and store baby food. All of them work equally well. However, each of these occupies varying amount of freezer space.

Ways to Freeze Baby Food

There are numerous ways to freeze baby food. However, there are a few instructions that need to be followed with all the methods. Prepare the homemade baby food and cool it as quickly as possible to prevent the bacteria from growing. Any food left to sit at room temperature for more than two hours is not considered safe for the baby to eat and requires to be discarded.

To cool the prepared food quickly, spread it in a shallow container. To make it quicker, you can even place the container in a pan of cold water. The methods to freeze the food are discussed ahead.

  • Method 1 – Use an Ice Cube Tray

Clean a regular ice-cube tray thoroughly and spoon the prepared baby food into each section. It is ideal to use a tray with a lid to protect the food from freezer burn or catching any other odors from the freezer. In the absence of a lidded tray, make sure to cover it with a plastic wrap. Although some people use foil, it is not recommended as strongly for some pieces of foil may get into the food. Place the tray into the freezer. Once the cubes get firm, press them out and place in zip lock bags to save the space.

  • Method 2 – The Baking/Cooking Sheet Method

In the absence of appropriately sized containers to freeze the baby food, you can also use the cooking/baking sheet method. However, this might require a little extra space in the freezer initially. Just spoon the prepared baby food onto the baking sheet to form small mounds. Cover the entire baking sheet with food safe wrap and freeze until firm. Now, transfer these portions into zip-lock bags. However, this method does not work well for runny purees.

  • Method 3 – Use Silicon Mini-muffin pans

This method is quite similar to the above methods as in storing the frozen food in zip-lock bags. But, instead of using ice cube trays, this method involves the use of silicone mini-muffin pans. The flexibility of these pans makes it easier to pop out the food portions. Moreover, their use goes beyond the storage of baby food when your child gets older.

  • Method 4 –Use of Freezer Safe Jars

Another effective method to freeze homemade baby food is through the use of freezer safe jars. Spoon the prepared food into freezer safe jars and transfer these jars directly into the freezer. However, it is important to note that glass jars are not recommended unless the manufacturers of the jars state it specifically that doing this is safe.

Jars that are freezer safe state it clearly on the packaging. Other commercial jars are not strong enough to bear the expansion of food involved in the freezing process. Putting it simple, the jars may break or experience hairline cracks which are barely visible, but can deposit small shards of glass in your baby’s food.

These were just a few methods to prepare and store prepared baby food in freezer. Additionally, you can also use custom designed freezing trays to freeze and store prepared baby food. There is really a wide range to choose from. Moreover, these products, designed specifically for baby use are free from potentially harmful chemicals that might be contained by some plastic trays.

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