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Big Babies – What You Should Know!

It is always every expecting mother’s dream to give birth to a healthy baby when the time arrives. What about when you give birth to a big baby whose weight exceeds the average normal weight of babies? What about when you give birth to an average baby in terms of weight only for the baby to gain weight fast in an unusual way? Does giving birth to a big baby or have a baby who gains a lot of weight fast pose any risk?

There are several risk factors that can make it possible for you to give birth to a big baby. They include gestational diabetes, if you are obese, Type II diabetes and genetics. Similarly, your baby can gain weight fast after birth depending on what you feed him/her on. Ever heard the saying you are what you eat?

Giving birth to a big baby should not be a serious cause for worry. Most babies born big overcome any associated problems with time. They are also examined at birth and remedial measures undertaken.

On the other hand, you need to worry when your baby gains weight fast after birth. Babies who do not breastfeed often gain weight very fast. This is because of several reasons including inability to control how much he/she eats (bottle feeding), the flow of milk is much faster from a bottle than from breast, high protein content in formula and lack of leptin hormone in the formula. The formula does not contain the hormone, which plays the important role of regulating a baby’s food intake.

How do you manage a baby born big and one who gains weight fast after birth?

Your big baby may not need any medical intervention in case he/she was born big. Although his/her excess weight may be as a result of gestational diabetes, Type II diabetes o genetics, breastfeeding him/her serves to reduce any health risks. Indeed, newborns diagnosed with either gestational diabetes or Type II diabetes do overcome the problems so long as they are breastfed throughout their first year of life.

Similarly, there ways you can manage your baby in case he/she gains weight that fast after birth. Note that you may not be in a position to breastfeed your baby at all after birth, for various reasons. One way is to ensure that you only buy formula low on protein. It is also beneficial to measure the amount of formula you feed your baby on. Feeding your baby on varied fruit juices also goes a long way in reducing his/her body weight.

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