Slow Weight Gain in Babies – Possible Reasons

Premature babies and those born with birth defects do face a lot of challenges. Such challenges no doubt affects their overall development, which makes proper care, monitoring and regular pediatrician consultation necessary.

This should not be the case with healthy babies born with no health issues unless such are deeply rooted and are not yet pronounced. Such babies are generally expected to develop with no problems and part of that development involves gaining of body weight progressively.

There are several reasons why your baby may not be gaining weight as is required. The first reason has to do with the value of the food you feed your baby on. This can be true if your baby used to gain some weight before weaning and stopped gaining weight from the moment you started him/her on other foodstuffs. That should serve as an indication that the food you feed him/her on may be lacking in calories or other vital nutrients that your baby requires for normal body development.

Part of the reason for slow weight gain can also be because your baby’s body is not absorbing necessary calories contained in the food he/she eats. This can be because of various reasons although the most common reason usually turns out to be a deficiency in or complete lack of lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down food in the intestines, which allows the body to absorb necessary nutrients including calories.

Your baby may also be gaining weight slowly or not at all because he/she is burning more calories that he/she is getting from food. This may be as a result of a problem with thyroid gland of which a pediatrician is able to diagnose through appropriate tests including stool, urine and blood tests.

Your baby may also be gaining weight slowly because of being intolerant to gluten. Gluten intolerance is a common problem in babies and it is only appropriate that you consult a pediatrician who can recommend appropriate tests for confirmation. It may also be that your baby’s body has a problem in absorbing fats or in case there is too much lactose (sugar) in his/her regular food.

Slow weight gain in your baby or lack of it should be a serious concern. This is because he/she bound to not develop properly, which can affect his capability in different fields. That is why it is always important to monitor your baby’s growth and development, which includes monitoring to ascertain whether he/she gains body weight progressively as it should be.

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