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Potty Training Your Baby – Best Methods

You no doubt look forward to the day when your baby will overcome the use of diapers and use the potty instead. Indeed, it will be easy for you knowing that you will no longer need to worry whether or not your baby is wet and requires a change of diapers.

When should you start potty training your baby? Babies are different. Different babies become ready to potty train at different times. As a general guide, babies of up to 1 year of age do not poop at night. They tend to tend to remain dry for a longer period during the day but wet during the night when they turn 2 years. They generally are able to maintain dryness during the day by the time they turn 3 years.

From the above guide, you need to embark on potty training when your baby turns 1 ½ years when he/she still pees a lot during the day. You know your baby and you need to watch out for specific signals that should alert you of his/her readiness to potty train. If your baby becomes aware of when he/she is wet, if he/she knows when peeing, if he/she remains dry for a longer period and when he/she fidgets when about to pee or poop should serve as an indication that he/she is ready to potty train. These signals serve to show that your baby has developed the ability to control his/her bladder and bowels.

It is important to point out that potty training your baby is not guaranteed. He/she can literally refuse to train on how to use the potty. It is never a good idea to force him/her to train. You instead need to position the potty at a strategic location in the house and let him/her train at his/her own time and pace. Indeed, most babies who never want to be potty trained usually turn out to be their own masters. They literally want to be independent at an early age.

Like with any other training, effective potty training requires psychological preparation. It pays to start talking about your baby using the potty long before you even buy one. This prepares your baby to know that he/she will eventually stop using diapers and will need to use the potty instead. You are bound to be surprised by how easy it will be to potty train your baby the day you buy one because he/she will naturally want to use it.

It is very important that you make potty training easy and enjoyable as much as possible. Making training easy involves buying your baby the right potty training pants that he/she can pull down on his/her own whenever the urge to poop or pee arises. You may also need to buy potty time toys that your baby can use while in the act.

Note that you need to start with day potty training. This is because potty training for the night can take a long time. In any case, babies who receive sufficient day potty training never have problems when it comes to night potty training.

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