Baby Bath Products – What you need to avoid?

There are simply many baby bath products you are most likely to come across in the market. The fact that you have access to many of these products does not mean that they are all useful and beneficial. Indeed, a good number of baby bath products have been withdrawn from the market for failing in safety tests. It is, therefore, only appropriate that you get to know some products you need to avoid for your baby’s safety.

Bath Seats

Infant bath seats are not only common but also very popular especially with first-time moms. They are designed to be used in regular adult bath tubs and make it possible for your baby to sit very comfortably. Indeed, their popularity stems from the fact that you can simply sit your baby it and possibly do something else while your baby enjoys playing in the water.

According to the US’s Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 170 babies died in the US with another 300 babies sustaining serious injuries from use of infant bath seats. Investigations revealed that these babies were left unattended while seating on bath seats with their mothers and caregivers having left them to attend to other issues around the house.

It is because of such deaths and injuries that withdrew a good number of infant bath seats from the US market in addition to issuing strict safety standards that manufacturers have to adhere to. You need to think twice before buying a baby bath seat for safety reason.

Inflatable Baby Bath Tubs

They are not only stylish but also very functional. However, you need to think twice before you buy an inflatable baby bath tub because of two things. First, you are most likely to forget (if you are forgetful) and place the tub a regular adult bath tub that has water, which results in tipping over of the baby tub. Note that inflatable baby bath tubs are designed to be placed in regular bath tubs. Secondly, an inflatable baby bath tub is a mechanical device that can collapse and put your baby at great risk.

Bath Buckets

Although available as baby bath products, you can find it very troublesome bathing your baby in a bath bucket. More importantly, a bath bucket can easily top over with your baby in and the head will always land down first! You need to consider buying a baby bath bucket with a pedestal if you must buy one.

Shower Nozzles

Having a shower nozzle that attaches to a faucet can be beneficial. It no doubt saves you from the trouble of having to draw fresh water from elsewhere to rinse your baby. However, there is a catch. You may accidentally leave water running while you attend to something else and the consequence can be dire. There is also the possibility that temperature of the water can suddenly change to your baby’s disadvantage since scalding is possible.

These are just some baby bath products you need to avoid. The information here is not meant to discredit any product but to enlighten you on safety aspects of the products.

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