Parental Fears – What to cope?

Becoming a new mom no doubt makes you and your family happy. Bonding, caring and thinking about your baby occupies your mind almost all the time. Unfortunately, this makes it possible for you to develop parental fears. Such fears turn into worries that bother you all the time. Indeed, worries about your baby can deny you quality sleep. The following are just some of parental fears you may develop and what to do about them.


As a mom, you obviously start thinking what your baby will become even though he/she is still an infant. You suddenly develop fear and wonder whether or not you will be able to provide him/her with the best education possible. It is this fear that will most likely drive you to buy different types of educational toys. Your fear literally turns into anxiety, which prompts you to do extraordinary things all in an attempt to ensure that your baby starts from a strong footing.

According to psychologists, buying your baby different educational toys can be counter-productive. You may simply not realize high expectations you place on your baby. Moderation should be the guiding factor. Consider buying your baby only enough toys that can stimulate his/her young developing mind. Bombarding your baby with many toys can easily restrict your baby’s independence, imagination, resourcefulness and development of basic skills.


This is or will most likely be the fear that remains in your mind at all times. You constantly remain in fear that someone can hurt your baby and you are bound to check on him/her whenever you get the opportunity.

This fear can interfere with your normal activities especially when you return to work. You will constantly be thinking that your caregiver or someone else you have left the baby with is not doing enough to attend to your baby they way you do it. The best you can do to overcome or stop developing this fear is to start teaching your baby good behavior from a tender age. You also need to teach him/her on how to conduct him/herself in public when he/she eventually grows to become a grown up child.


This is the other top fear that will occupy your mind especially when your child starts going to school. The fear stems from your own belief that your child is still too young to think and protect him/herself.

Although it is perfectly normal to worry about your baby’s or child’s safety when out of sight, harboring the fear of your baby or child getting involved in an accident is not proper. What you need to do to overcome this fear is to always know where your baby/child is at all times and with whom. If it is some activity he/she is involved in then the best you can do is to buy him/her safety gear depending on the activity.


This is a fear you are bound to develop once your baby grows and starts going to school. Not only do you fear how your child will be able to fit in a school’s social setting, you also develop the fear that he/she is bound to be subjected to bullying and/or teasing, which can affect his/her self-esteem.

The best you can do to overcome this fear is to teach your child on how to respond to any bullying/teasing. This requires that you always communicate with your child to know his/her day at school. A good idea would be to get to know and engage with your child’s class teacher under whose care your child remains when at school. It may also be important to communicate with your child on a regular basis to ascertain how he/she behaves while at school. It may turn out that it is your child who is the bully.

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