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Are you planning a baby shower sometime soon? You’re probably trying to put the games of this shower together but can’t find the right ones. If you still haven’t found baby shower games ideas that grab you, look no further as we have compiled some really fun ideas. Here they are for you:

Baby shower games should ideally be fun and short. Often, they serve as great ice-breakers if all the guests don’t know each other. However, the games should concern babies.  Typically, you should be able to play about three games in an evening.

Icebreaker Games

  1. Who Am I? Players are given a piece of paper bearing the name of a famous person. Without reading it, they tape the paper to their foreheads. Now, it is their job to find out whose name is taped to their foreheads by seeing the reactions of others.
  2. Who’s That Baby? Before your party, ask your guests to send you a photo of themselves as babies. Now, ask them to match the baby photos with the correct adult. Whoever correctly matches the largest number of photos with people, wins.

Word Games

  1. Baby Boggle: Think up a funny sentence regarding the baby and the mom-to-be. No, ask guests to make as many words in three minutes from the given letters. Participants read their list, cancel duplicates and the participant with the most remaining is the winner.
  2. Advice Poem: Take a poem written to the new mother and ask a guest to write a line to make up a poem that serves as advice to her. Now, let the poem pass to each guest so that they all add in a line while seeing only the line written before it reaches them. When all of them finish, let someone read the entire poem, which is sure to be funny.
  3. Don’t Say Baby: Tell guests not to use the word baby for the entire evening. If they do so mistakenly, they need to give up their clip or bow tie or whatever you decide. The guest who holds out longest wins a prize.
  4. Baby Bingo: This is a take-off on the original game of Bingo. Here, guests make points when they correctly predict the gift that the new mom opens.
  5. Name The Baby: Ask your guests to write down their first or middle names as suggestions for the mom to read aloud. From all the names that are thrown up, the new mom is sure to get some ideas.

Games with Gifts:

  1. Time’s up: Set a timer for about five minutes and when it goes off, the guest whose gift the mum to be opens wins a prize. Set the timer once again and repeat till all your gifts are given.
  2. Play dough Babies: Give your guests a bit of dough and ask them to make doh babies creatively. Give the best doh baby creator a prize for the funniest, creepiest, cutest or any other category you can think of.

Activity-based Games:

  1. Name the Baby Animal: Make a list of animals and see who can guess the terms for the young of these animals.
  2. Guess Your Baby Food: Put out a few foods with unusual flavors and ask guests to taste these foods and guess the food.
  3. Bottle Chugging: Fill up baby’s milk bottles with a drink you like and ask your guests to drink it. The one that drinks it fastest wins.
  4. Guess The Right Price: The cost of a baby is something that varies from couple to couple. But the guest that can guess it as closely as possible wins.
  5. Baby Wish List: Ask guests to write down what they wish for the baby.
  6. Onesie Decorating: Set up a onesie decorating table. Prepare for this game by having iron-on onesies so that non-craft type guests can also take part in this game.
  7. Baby Top 40: Set a timer for a few minutes and ask guests to write down all the songs they know that have the word baby in them. The one that has the most number of songs wins.
  8. Children’s Books Quiz: Write down famous lines from children’s classics and read them aloud to your guests and see who knows children’s literature best.
  9. Baby Face: Blow up a few photos of mom and dad and other relatives and then cut them into strips. Now ask guests to rearrange them to see what the baby could look like.
  10. Count the candies: Fill a large bottle with candies and ask guests how many there could be. The guess that comes closest is the winning one.
  11. Baby Bottle Bowling: To make your baby shower more fun, set up a few baby bottles in a triangular shape with a little sand in them. Hand guests a tennis ball to knock the bottles down just as in bowling.
  12. Drink-a-milk: Take a few baby bottles and fill them with milk, champagne or juice. On the word “go!” ask guests to suck the contents of the bottles as fast as possible. The first to finish drinking out of the bottles wins.
  13. Blindfolded nappy changing: Help the guests form teams and ask one member of each team put on a blindfold and remove the nappy from a doll and put on another. Then, he or she must pass on the doll blindfolded to the next team member who must do the same. The team that finishes first wins.
  14. Baby Pictionary: Adapt the game Pictionary to baby-related words. Form teams of your guests and ask each member of one team to pick a paper with a baby-related phrase and draw it on another sheet of paper. The other team should try to guess the phrase within a minute. The team that guesses correctly the largest number of phrases wins.


Memory baby shower games

  1. What’s She Wearing? After the new mom leaves the party scene for a while, ask the guest to write down what she’s wearing from top to toe, with accessories. The person who can recall the most details of her dressing wins.
  2. How Many Baby Items Can You Recall? Place a whole lot of baby-related items such as a bib, diaper, rattle, talc, etc on a large table and cover it with a tea towel. Let your guests see it for a few minutes and then cover it and ask them to leave the room and list as many as they can remember. The one that lists the most wins.
  3. Name these TV Kids: List popular TV shows which feature children. Participants must write the number of children each TV show has. The person who can write the most correctly wins.

Quiz baby shower games

  1. The mother-to-be up to now: Make a long list of questions related to the new mom to be regarding her babyhood and childhood days and a bit about her adulthood. Read out the questions and ask everyone present to write their answers on the sheets provided. The one with the most correct answers wins.
  2. Interrogating the dad-to-be: A few days before the baby shower, ask the new dad a few questions about being a parent, such as:

How many times a day will your baby need to be fed?

How many hours a day will your baby sleep?

Sentimental baby shower games

  1. Make a baby scrapbook: Make a scrapbook using a lot of accessories such as ribbons, glitter pens and stickers. Ask the guests to jazz up the scrapbook in their own way and when everyone has done his bit, gift it to the mother-to-be. She can use it to add photos of her little one.
  2. Note to the baby: Each participant must write a short note to the unborn baby and place them in a box before they leave. The new parents will treasure them and feel warm and loved by their friends long after the party is over.
  3. Design a baby singlet: Buy a singlet for each guest to design with provided craft supplies like sequins, gum, colorful material, markers, etc. If you buy singlets of varying sizes, the baby can wear them for some time to come.
  4. Bring a childhood favorite book: Guests should bring along their favorite childhood books and write a message to the baby in it.
  5. Bring a quote along: Guests should bring along a quote, piece of advice or poem and write it in the provided journal. Gift it to the new mom.
  6. Back in Time: To make a time capsule for the baby, ask guests to bring any small item tht one would use in daily life for a time capsule. Give away prizes for the most clever items brought.
  7. ABC Book: No matter how artistic your friends are or aren’t, get them to draw a picture for each letter of the alphabet. This will help make up a personalized ABC book.
  8. Look pregnant: Just for fun, blow up many balloons and ask guests to stuff as many balloons under their clothes to look pregnant. Whoever can take in the most wins.

Photo baby shower games

  1. Match the face and name: Guests should send you their baby photos which you will pin on a sheet of cardboard and number. Put up this collage and allow everyone to write which guest resembles the baby photo.
  2. Guess the mum-to-be’s age: Arrange pictures of the guest of honour at different ages throughout her life on a piece of cardboard and ask guest to guess how old she was in each of the pictures. The person with the most correct answers wins.
  3. Put together the baby’s face: Print out copies of the baby’s parents and cut them into strips. Now, ask everyone present to mix and match the strips and make up the face of the baby.
  4. Who’s this celebrity baby? If the new mom is a freak about celebrities, print out pics of several celebrity babies and ask guests to write down the names of their parents. The one who has hte most correct names wins.
  5. Images of women: Find photos of women in labor and those in horror films and ask guests to guess which category each photo belongs to.

Easy baby shower games

  1. The Forbidden Word: When guests arrive, give them a bracelet and tell them not to use the word baby. Each time they hear the forbidden word, they can claim the bracelet from the person who uttered it. The guest who has the most bracelets at the end wins.
  2. Guess the Baby’s Name: Make a list of 20 boys and girls and include the ones that the new mom is considering for her baby. Guests can add their own names. The one whose name matches teh new mom’s wins a prize.
  3. The Handbag Game: Make a list of all the items related to a baby and that would be found in a mother’s handbag. Give points to each one, some more and some less. Now, ask each guest to look for these items in their handbags and tally their points. The lady who has the most items ends up being the winner.
  4. Baby’s First Portrait: Using a note card and a marker, guests should hold the card to their head and draw what they think the baby will look like. The new mother will choose the best.

Free baby shower games: If you’re depending on the Net for baby shower games, chances are you’ll come across the better ones to be paying ones. Those that aren’t all that fun are usually given free, but here are a few unique, fun and free baby shower games you would love to have your guests play:  

A couple of facts about these games:

  1. They are printable straight off your computer.
  2. This saves you time and money and you can concentrate on keeping your guests happy.


  1. Baby Shower Bingo: Distribute bingo cards among your guests and ask them to fill them with gifts they think you, the new mom, will receive at the shower. Then, as you open your presents, guests should try to get a bingo for correct answers.
  2. Baby Shower Word Search: These free printable word searches can be used as an ice breaker when your event begins. Once it gets off the ground, it can keep your guests busy for some time while you take care of the other aspects of the shower. If you want to use this game to fill up some time, time your guests and distribute prizes to the first three guests who complete the word search perfectly.
  3. Baby Shower Word Scrambles: Put a number of scrambled words relating to babies and ask your guests to unscramble them. To make it more thrilling, time your guests and award prizes.
  4. What’s In Your Purse? To play this game, distribute the game cards among your guests along with a pen. Ask them to go down the list of items on the card and mark off all those items that they have in their purses. Points are mentioned for each item. They must write their total points on the game cards. The lady with the most points wins.
  5. Baby Letter Game: In this game, guests need to come up with objects that match with a letter of the alphabet printed on the game sheet. Your guests will have a couple of minutes to come up with an item beginning with specific letters of the alphabet. After two minutes, ask your guests to read their answers aloud for the letter you request. All unique answers get an extra point. At the end of the game, guests total their scores and the highest one wins.
  6. Celebrity Baby Name Game: There’s bound to be one crazy mom among you who knows the names of celebrities. Here’s a quiz to test everyone’s knowledge of this.


These are just some of the many baby shower games available on the Net. You can look for many more that will suit your guests or choose from among these. Whatever you decide, just ensure you have a great time.

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