Slow Weight Gain in Babies – Possible Reasons

Premature babies and those born with birth defects do face a lot of challenges. Such challenges no doubt affects their overall development, which makes proper care, monitoring and regular pediatrician consultation necessary. This should not be the case with healthy babies born with no health issues unless such are deeply rooted and are not yet



Fear of Strangers – How to Help Your Baby?

Fear of strangers is generally accepted as part of a part of a baby’s development. Indeed, over 80% of babies are never comfortable in hands of a stranger. The fact that your baby remains fearful of strangers should not be surprising because he/she has already developed an attachment to you and other family members whose


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Tips for Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Ever heard of or seen a person with low self-esteem? A person with low self-esteem is one who shows inferior tendencies. He/she is simply not able to express him/herself and often prefers to remain alone even during social events. Although there are many factors that can make a person develop low self-esteem, majority cases of


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Potty Training Your Baby – Best Methods

You no doubt look forward to the day when your baby will overcome the use of diapers and use the potty instead. Indeed, it will be easy for you knowing that you will no longer need to worry whether or not your baby is wet and requires a change of diapers. When should you start