A Guide to Buying Toddler Clothing

Like with most mothers, you are most likely thinking about what type of clothing to buy for your newborn once he/she arrives. Just how much infant clothing do you need to buy? This is often a challenge to many expecting moms and in particular to first-time expecting moms. The first thing you need to realize



Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – Causes, Risk Factors

Carrying pregnancy to term and delivering a healthy baby is always what every expecting mother looks forward to. Losing the baby soon or several months after delivery can therefore be very devastating. Unfortunately, this is what some mothers around the world go through after delivering healthy babies. Commonly referred to as crib death, Sudden Infant



Blue Baby Syndrome – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Blue baby syndrome refers to what is medically known as methemogobin. Although it is a rare condition, it turns out that is a condition that is diagnosed in some infants born around the world and in particular babies born in rural areas. Occurrence of Blue baby syndrome is associated with blood. The condition is indeed