Head Banging in Toddlers – What to Do?

Head banging is a habit that is common among a few toddlers. Unlike other habits, toddlers bang their heads on purpose and it turns out that the habit is common in boys than girls. Your toddler is most likely to start banging his/her head when he/she is one year of age with intensity and frequency of head banging intensifying as he/she grows up. He/she is also most likely to stop the habit when he/she turns three or four years of age.

There are several reasons why your toddler can start banging his/her head. While some of the reasons are understandable, others turn out to be very confusing. There are toddlers who bang their heads for comfort, especially when they need to relax in order to sleep. Such head banging is usually in a specific pattern or soothing rhythm. Such toddlers are normally those who are less cared for. The only way to stop head banging for comfort is to attend to your toddler by making him/her comfortable and relaxed when you notice that he/she is sleepy.

There are also toddlers who bang their heads in order to find relief in case of pain. Your toddler is most likely to bang his/her head due to teething or in the case of other infection. In such a case, banging his/her head serves to distract him/her from the associated pain.

Your toddler is also likely to bang his/her head due to frustration. This is most likely to happen when he/she is angry and he/she can only vent out the anger through head banging. He/she is bound to resort to doing so simply because he/she is not yet able to express his/her feelings.

It is also possible for your toddler to bang his/her head when he/she needs attention. This is most likely to happen in case he/she talks to you or requests something but you fail to listen or provide what he/she needs.

Unfortunately, your toddler can bang his/her head because of a development issue that he/she has no control over. It may be possible that your toddler has a medical condition such as autism.

Like with other habits, there are several things you can do to help your toddler stop the habit. The first is to give your toddler enough time to express him/herself in whatever way he/she can in addition to meeting his/her needs.

The most effective way to help your toddler stop the habit of head banging is to investigate why he/she resorts to banging his/her head. This should make it possible for you to find a long-lasting solution to the otherwise dangerous habit that can easily lead to injuries because he/she will never mind on what he/she bangs his/her head.

Although your toddler is most likely to overcome the habit by the time he/she turns four years, you need to be concerned with head banging that extends beyond that time. It may turn out that he/she has a medical condition that requires medical attention.

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