Nose-Picking in Toddlers – How to Stop It?

Nose-picking is one of the habits that some toddlers develop. It is just one of the many habits including nail-biting, head banging and thumb-sucking that your toddler can develop. Although nose-picking can be that disgusting, you need to accept it in case your toddler is already used to picking his/her nose and find ways of dealing with it appropriately even though he/she is bound to overcome it as he/she grows up.

There are several reasons why your toddler picks his/her nose. He/she may engage in picking his/her nose when bored, when curious about something or because of nervousness. It is therefore good to study when and under what circumstances your toddler picks his/her nose in order to make it easy for you to find a solution.

Your toddler can also engage in picking his/her nose simply because he/she finds it tricky to blow his/her nose. There is no doubt that blocked nose can be irritating and the only thing he/she can do is to pick his/her nose in an attempt to stop the irritation. Your toddler is most likely to pick his/her nose in cold weather and the only way to help him/her cope without resorting to nose-picking is to ensure that he/she remains in a warm environment. It may also be necessary to use saline nasal solutions to help prevent nasal blockage.

It is also possible for your toddler to engage in nose-picking in case he/she has some form of allergy. He/she is bound to experience flow of heavy mucus that forms crust on the upper part of his/her nose. There is nothing he/she can do to stop the associated discomfort but to pick his/her nose.

There are several ways you can help your toddler overcome this irritating habit. However, you first need to investigate to know the reason why he/she keeps in picking his/her nose. You may come to realize that it is not actually a habit but rather the only way he/she finds relief from nasal discomfort. The only thing you can do in such a case is to make use of saline nasal solutions that prevent build up of mucus in the nose.

Nose-picking that your toddler engages in when bored or because of anxiety require a different approach to deal with. Even so, you first need to determine when he/she engages in the habit. The best approach to adopt is to find an activity he/she can engage in to distract any attempt at picking his/her nose.

Although often dismissed by many parents as an irritating habit, severe nose-picking should be a cause for concern for any parent with a toddler who engages in the habit. Your toddler can develop severe nose-picking to a pint where he/she experiences regular nose bleeding. Severe nose-picking can be a symptom of a health problem, which makes it necessary to seek medical attention.

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