Toddlerhood – Managing the Stage

You give birth to a baby and you are most likely to realize it when he/she becomes a toddler. The only things that make you realize that your baby has grown are his/her regular disruptions as he/she toddles around. Your role as a mom now graduates from babyhood to toddlerhood, a stage associated with rapid development of both the body and mind.

Toddlerhood stage is one of the most important stages that your toddler needs to go through with a lot of support and guidance. Each day in your toddler’s life turns to be another learning opportunity. This is also the stage at which your toddler has attained numerous milestones and the best you need to do is to teach and guide him/her in the right way. Your toddler is most likely to learn how to walk/run, climb on items, develop various skills, tries to dress up on his/her own and may possibly be developing his/her imagination.

It also turns out that it is not only your toddler who learns; you also come to discover how best to encourage your toddler’s new-found capabilities by creating a balance between his/her semi-autonomy status and possible anarchy.

Like with other toddlers, your toddler will have realized that his/her behavior has a big impact on you. You need to know that he/she remains egocentric. He/she expects everything to be about him/her. This is the time to let your toddler know that he/she is not the only one around; he/she should also bear in mind that there are other family members. However, you should never try to stifle your toddler’s opinions. This is because the formation of opinions will be of great help to him/her when he/she grows up. It will make it possible for him/her to take a stand against or in support of life issues.

The fact that your toddler is bound to ask many questions makes it very necessary to always have a listening ear. Your toddler is literally learning and dismissing his/her questions can be counter-productive. It is from the little and often trivial questions that your toddler gets to learn how to do things, how to conduct him/herself and how to engage with both family members and strangers.

One thing you need not forget with a toddler is fun. It is very necessary that you climb down to your toddler’s level so as to better understand him/her. This means taking part in his/her activities including play activities. Doing so no doubt deepens the bond between you, gives your toddler a good opportunity to learn in addition to helping him/her develop critical skills.

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